A little bit more about me . . .

Where it all started . . .
My interest in photography started over 30 years ago, with the purchase of my 1st secondhand SLR film camera, a Canon A1.
Various cameras followed with a Canon F1 AE taking me through to the digital age.

I sold my 1st photograph to a friend back in 2007 and that image went on to be a winner in the BWPA British wildlife Photography Awards in 2009.
2009 was the year I also won the 3 Counties (Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire) Open Photography Exhibition with 'Genesis' taken the the Peak District.
You can follow my ups and downs on my NEWS page.
My photography can now be found in various galleries, up and down the land. My work has also been exported to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand too!

I have a design business called Creative Eye and a growing part of my portfolio involves commercial photography.

I love to be out at dawn to catch that all important, delicate, transient quality of light.
At least half my images would not have been taken if it wasn't for taking my the black labrador Megan for walks. She passed away this year after 12.5 years of unconditional companionship - Thank you Meg'.
One more big thank you to my pastel artist wife Chrissie and 2 grown-up sons, musician Alex and artist Greg, for putting up with and supporting my obsession. It obviously runs in the family!

My more creative photomontage work is performing well in photography and art competitions.
It's an area of photography I aim to become more involved in.

The ultimate, magic, moment for me is the click of the shutter, knowing that I have captured a great image.
This doesn't just happen, takes preparation, and that all important element of luck!